Connecting your VALR account

How to connect VALR exchange via API to calculate VALR taxes

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Recap supports direct integration with VALR via read-only API.

Step 1 - Create a new API key in VALR

  1. Sign in to your VALR account, select your name (top right) and choose API Keys
    โ€‹NOTE: you must enable app-based 2FA before you can create an API key.

  2. Choose Create API Keys and select I acknowledge the risks.

  3. Check View Access.

  4. Click Authorize via email and then continue to verify.

Step 2 - Create a new Exchange Account on Recap and Add Your Keys

  1. On the dashboard choose Add Account and choose Exchange API.

  2. Then choose VALR from the list

  3. Give the account a name and press save.

  4. Add your new API key and Secret into Recap

Voila! You'll be back at the Accounts view where your VALR account has been created and your transactions are being imported.

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