Connecting your Bitstamp account

A step-by-step guide for connecting your Bitstamp account to Recap

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Recap supports direct integration with Bitstamp via read-only APIs. Once connected, Recap's desktop application will pull in all of your transaction history and set up a real-time connection to your account.

Step 1 - Find your Bitstamp Customer ID and create an API Key and Secret

  1. Login to Bitstamp and navigate to Settings, find and record your Customer ID.

3. Next click API Access in the left-hand menu

4. In the Permissions section, toggle User transactions and Account balance

5. Click Enter 2FA and Submit (if you don't have 2FA enabled just click Submit) and you will be presented with an API key and secret.

6. Activate your API key, and confirm the activation email when received.

Step 2 - Connect to your Bitstamp Account in Recap

  1. In Accounts click Add Account.

  2. Select Exchange API and then select Bitstamp from the list.

  3. Create a name for your account.

  4. Confirm that this is your Main Account (unless you are adding a sub-account) and click Next.

  5. Enter your Customer ID, API Key and API Secret as collected in Step 1 then click next.

  6. We are finished! Recap will now synchronise your account history from Bitstamp and maintain a real-time connection, updating your transactions, withdrawals, deposits and more as you go.

Need help?

Click Support in the bottom left of the app to talk to us directly or join our telegram group to chat to other users.

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