Recap supports integration with Luno through a read-only API key. Once connected, we pull in your transaction history and set up a realtime connection to your account.

Step 1 - Click on "Add Connected Account" and select Luno from the dropdown menu, then click Next and choose a name

Step 2 - Log into Luno and create a new read-only API Key

  • Go to your profile (top right) and select Security

  • In the Security page navigate to API keys

  • Click the "Create API key" button

  • Create an API key by entering a Key Label "Recap" and set the permissions to "Read-only access", click Next.

  • Copy your Key ID and secret (important to do so at this stage, as you can't access secret key later), complete next steps on Luno to authenticate the keys, then paste them into Recap and connect accounts. (If you do not authenticate your keys, the integration with Recap will fail).

Step 3 - Back in the Recap app, fill in the API Key ID and secret

Voila! Your Luno account is now connected.

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