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Adding your Coinbase account using a CSV file

A step-by-step guide for adding your Coinbase CSV account to Recap

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Recap supports integration with Coinbase via CSV files.
(You may also be interested in our Coinbase API support).

To set up your account via CSV...

Step 1 - Download your CSV File from Coinbase

Coinbase enables you to download a CSV file containing all of your transaction history except for fiat deposit or withdrawal transactions. This means that your fiat balances will appear incorrectly in Recap. We intend to address this in a future release.

To download your transaction history head to the Reports section of Coinbase.

๐Ÿ’ก If you preview your file in a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel please do not resave it before uploading it to Recap. Automatic formatting changes may occur that make the file unrecognisable to our software.

Step 2 - Create your Coinbase Account in Recap and Upload your Coinbase CSV

  1. In Accounts, click the Add Account button, then select Exchange CSV, then Coinbase.

  2. Give your account a name and click Next.

  3. You'll return to Accounts, where you now have an empty Coinbase card.

  4. Click the Settings Cog and then Import Coinbase CSV.

  5. Click Browse to find your CSV file and then click Import.

Congratulations, your Coinbase transactions are now in Recap!

โš ๏ธ Coinbase is currently in Beta

This means that not all of the usual Recap features are available for Coinbase quite yet. For example, you cannot reclassify your transactions. We will be adding these features in the future.

Need help?

Click Support in the bottom left of the app to talk to us directly or join our telegram group to chat with other users.

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