Adding your Coinbase Pro account using a CSV file

A step-by-step guide for connecting your Coinbase Pro account to Recap

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Coinbase Pro has been discontinued and you can no longer use their API to retrieve your transaction history.

However you can download your historical Coinbase Pro statement from the Coinbase website and import it to Recap using an Exchange Export File account.

Step 1 - Download your Coinbase Pro CSV File

  1. Sign in to Coinbase and navigate to the Statements page.

  2. Select Coinbase Pro.

  3. On the right of the screen under Generate custom report choose the following settings:
    โ€‹ Report type: Account

    Portfolio: All Portfolios

    Account type: All Accounts

    Date: All time

    Format: CSV

  4. Click Generate and wait for your CSV file to download

Step 2 - Create your Coinbase Pro Account in Recap and Upload your CSV

  1. In Accounts, click the Add Account button, then select Exchange CSV, then Coinbase Pro.

  2. Give your account a name and click Next.

  3. You'll return to Accounts, where you now have an empty Coinbase Pro card.

  4. Click the Settings Cog and then Import Coinbase Pro CSV.

  5. Click Browse to find your CSV file and then click Import.

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