Recap supports direct integration with Coinbase via read-only APIs. Once connected, Recap's desktop application will pull in all of your transaction history and set up a realtime connection to your account. 


For your security and privacy, the integration with Recap and Coinbase is a direct connection between the Recap app and Coinbase. Recap as a service does not hold any credentials that would allow us to connect to your accounts. (For more information regarding our security and privacy standards, check out our dedicated article here). We also use end-to-end encryption to ensure that the only person who can see your data is you.

To connect your Coinbase account you will first need to create an API key. This key will allow the Recap app to create a direct connection to your Coinbase account.

Step 1 - Click on "Add Connected Account" and select Coinbase from the dropdown menu, then click Next and choose a name

Step 2 - Log in to Coinbase, select the account icon in the top right and click settings on the drop down menu

Step 3 - Click API Access and then select New API Key - You may need to input 2FA authentication to access this section

Step 4 - Select "all" under accounts and the API permissions ending in :read , then click "create"

A warning may appear when connecting your Coinbase account, similar to the one shown below. The reason Recap uses Coinbase’s API keys rather than OAuth2 is because using the OAuth2 would reveal your data to us. As the API connects directly to the desktop app that you download and the data is encrypted before it reaches our servers, the API allows you to keep your data private.

Step 5 - A box will appear on Coinbase showing your API Key and API Secret - Note these down and copy them into the corresponding sections in the Recap app, then click next

Well that's it, easy as pie! Your Coinbase account is now connected


Click Support on the left menu to talk to us from within the app or join our telegram group

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