Adding your Swissborg Account

A step-by-step guide for adding your Swissborg account to Recap

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Recap supports integration with Swissborg via CSV files. Once set up, Recap will categorise all of your transaction history and calculate your tax position.

Step 1 - Download your Excel File from Swissborg

Swissborg enables you to download an Excel file containing all of your transaction history:

  1. Go to the Account Statement menu and select the dates that you wish to be included.

  2. Select the reference currency for the statement for equivalence e.g. GBP

  3. Select 'Excel File'

Step 2 - Convert Swissborg Excel File to CSV

Follow these steps to convert your Swissborg file to CSV format before importing it into Recap:

  1. Open your Excel file in MS Excel, it should look like this:

  2. Delete the first 13 rows of data so that the headers on row14 now appear on row1. To do this:

    1. Highlight the first 13 rows

    2. Right-click and select delete, when prompted, select shift cells up.

  3. Save the new file as a CSV file:

    1. Click 'File', then 'Save As...'

    2. Selecting 'CSV UTF-8' as the 'File Format'

๐Ÿ’ก Microsoft Excel often automatically makes formatting changes that make the file unrecognisable to our software. Please ensure that your dates are in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss' before saving your changes.

Step 3 - Create your Swissborg Account in Recap and Upload your CSV

  1. In Accounts, click the Add Account button, then select Exchange CSV, then Swissborg.

  2. Give your account a name and click Next.

  3. You'll return to Accounts, where you now have an empty Swissborg card.

  4. Click the Settings Cog and then Import Swissborg CSV.

  5. Click Browse to find your CSV file and then click Import.

Congratulations, your Swissborg transactions are now in Recap!

โš ๏ธ Swissborg is currently in Beta

This means that not all of the usual Recap features are available for Swissborg quite yet. For example, you cannot reclassify your transactions. We will be adding these features in the future.

Need help?

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