Here's how to connect to your Uphold account to see your real-time balance and transactions within the Recap app.

Step 1 - Create your Connected Account in Recap

In Accounts click the "Add Connected Account" button, then select Uphold from the dropdown, click Next and give your account a name.

Step 2 - Connect to Uphold and authorise Recap

Click the connect button to open Uphold - you'll have to sign in if you're not already.

Click to authorise once you've read through and are happy with the details.

Step 3 - Go back to see your account synced in Recap!

You'll be prompted to return to the Recap app where you'll find your Uphold wallet is now connected and visible in real-time with your other accounts.

Click the Uphold card to see your account in more detail. You can also switch between weekly, monthly, yearly and all time views to see how it has changed over time.

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