Importing NFTs via CSV

How to import NFT transactions using the CSV importer.

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Recap supports on-chain activity for Ethereum, if your NTFs are on Ethereum and BnB Smart Chain you should use our automated wallet importer for these transactions. You can read more about this here.

We are working on support for more chains - in the interim, NTFs from other chains can be imported via CSV.

Importing non-Ethereum NFTs

If you have purchased NTFs on another blockchain you can import them using our CSV importer using unique asset names, for example NFT1, NFT2. As long as you are trading your NFTs against a known asset we can value the transactions for the tax calculations.

⚠️ Ensure that you use a unique asset name for each NFT that you want to import, so that Recap can accurately track each NFTs purchase and sale.

Need help with your CSV? Take a look at our handy example spreadsheets here:
Google Sheet

Once you have prepared your CSV file follow these steps:

  1. Choose "Add Account"

  2. Choose "Custom"

  3. Give the account a meaningful name - we suggest adding a separate CSV for each blockchain or wallet you use.

  4. Then use the cog against this new account to import your CSV file

Once assets have been added these will be flagged by Recap as "Unidentified Assets" - this error can be safely ignored. We are planning to release an update to improve this experience very soon!

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