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Recap's Accountant Sharing Portal
How does Recap's accountant sharing work?
How does Recap's accountant sharing work?

What is Recap Agent Sharing? How do I share my data with my Accountant? How can I invite someone to see my data in Recap?

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Recap's Sharing portal allows users to securely share their data with an Agent (such as an accountant, tax advisor or wealth manager). Our approach prioritises security and privacy ensuring that only you and anyone you explicitly authorise will have access to your data.

ℹ️ Remember - our end-to-end encrypted architecture means that no-one but you, has access to your data, even the Recap team .

How it works:

You can create an invitation to share your Recap account with your accountant or they can send you a sharing invitation code.

  • When you initiate the share, your accountant will need to accept your invitation, then you will then be asked to authenticate to grant them access.

  • When your accountant invites you to share, you will need to accept their invitation and authorise their access to your account.

You have the choice of sharing your data in a read only view or with editable access so that your accountant can reconcile your data for you. Your subscription can be managed by you or your accountant depending on how you choose to work together.

Is sharing secure? Can Recap see my data?

Yes, very secure. By design, you are the only person ever able to see your data and the same end-to-end encryption applies to your accountant's account so sharing is safe. Even the Recap team cannot access user data - please take a look at our security page to find out more about our privacy focused approach.

For extra security, our accountant sharing portal uses a double-opt-in approach for sharing to ensure that you only ever share data with someone that you know and trust. When you invite or receive an invitation from your accountant you always have final authorisation of the share. This approach makes it very difficult to accidentally share your data with the wrong person or a malicious actor.

Whilst double-opt-in requires one more step than you might normally see for this type of feature, we believe the added security benefits make this worthwhile.

How long does sharing last?

Sharing never expires however you are able to stop sharing at any time...

How do I revoke sharing access?

Access can be revoked at any time in the settings area by using the 'Delete' button next to the accountant share that you'd like to cancel. As soon as you click that confirmation delete button you are instantly removed from the Accountant's portal.

Do invite links / emails / codes expire?

Yes. Invite codes are valid for 7 days, after this you will need to create a new invite link/code. This ensures the invitation cannot be opened by the wrong person or be re-opened.

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