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How does connecting to accounts work?
How does connecting to accounts work?

What does it mean when I sync my exchange accounts?

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You create read-access API keys on your exchange and provide them to Recap so that we can connect directly to your account. This means that you can see all trades and transactions in real-time and the impact that they have on your portfolio and tax. Check out which exchanges we support on our exchanges page.

Sounds risky - is it secure?

Extremely secure...

  • Your data is encrypted with your personal recovery phrase before it leaves your device. As you are entirely in control of your recovery phrase no one but you can ever decrypt and view your data.

  • The Recap browser extension acts as a secure channel to allow your browser to talk to the exchanges. This runs on your device, not on Recap's servers, so we can't intercept and read your data.

Find out more about security.

What if my exchange isn't supported?

Drop us a line in support and we can make sure it's on our backlog. In the meantime, you can add a custom account and upload a CSV of your data. Find out how here.

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