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How do I invite a client to Recap?
How do I invite a client to Recap?

A guide for accountants inviting crypto clients to Recap

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Inviting a crypto client to share their portfolio with you in Recap is simple.

How to invite a client to Recap

  1. Sign in to Recap and ensure that you have backed up your recovery phrase and that your account is set up as an agent (accountant).

  2. At the top of your client list on the Agent Portal page you'll find an "Add client" button, click this followed by "Invite your client".

  3. Select sharing mode:

    • View - you'll be able to view the data and download their tax report

    • Edit - you'll be able to view and edit their data aswell as download their tax report.

  4. Enter your client's email address and click "Create" if you'd like Recap to send an automatic invitation to them, or skip this step and just click "Create" then share the invite code on the next page with them yourself.

  5. When your client Accepts your invitation, you will be notified by email and will have instant sharing access to their account. When you log into Recap you can open their portfolio in your list of clients.

Is it safe?

Yes, very safe, end-to-end encryption applies to both your data and your client's data meaning it is never accessible by anyone else, even Recap. You can read more about our privacy focused approach here.



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