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How do I invite a client to Recap?
How do I invite a client to Recap?

A guide for accountants inviting crypto clients to Recap

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Inviting a client into Recap is simple - they can use our agent-sharing features to securely share their transaction and tax data with you as their agent.

How to invite a client to Recap

  1. Sign in to Recap and ensure that you have backed up your recovery phrase.

  2. Choose 'Agent Portal' and press 'Invite Client' under the 'Client Invitations' section.

  3. Recommended: Enter your name, this will be shown to your client.

  4. A. Enter your client's email address and press 'Send Invitation' to send an email invitation OR

4. B. to invite them using a Code or Link - copy the Invite Code or Link and send it to your client via a communication method of your choice.

How does my client accept my invitation?

A. If you opted to email the invite to your client

Your client will receive an email invite with a button to open your invitation:

B. If you used an invite code

If you sent an invite code to your client they need to enter this in their Recap app. To do this they should:

  1. Sign in and go to Settings

  2. Enter the code in the '"Agent Sharing" section and press "Open"

Next, regardless of the sharing method you use, your clients will always be prompted to accept the invite inside the Recap app:

Clicking 'Accept' will confirm the share and your agent details will be listed under "Agent Sharing":

Is it safe?

Yes, very safe and we can never see any data. You can read more about our approach to security here.

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