Recap supports integration with Nexo via CSV files. Once set up, the Recap application will categorise all of your transaction history and calculate your tax position.

Beta Support

Please note that Recap's support for Nexo is currently in beta. This means that not all of the usual Recap features are available for Nexo yet. For example, you cannot reclassify your transactions. Recap will be adding these features in the future.

Step 1 - Download CSV File from Nexo

Nexo enable a user to download a CSV file that contains all of your transaction history. In order to download the CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. Login into your Nexo account and click the "transaction" tab at the top of the page

  2. Choose the start and end date for the transactions that you want to export

  3. Select "All Types" for transaction types and "All Assets" for assets

  4. Download the CSV file

Step 2 - Update Exchange Transactions

Nexo's CSV file does not contain all the information necessary for recap to import Exchange transactions. You will need to manually add the amount that was sold to your CSV file for each Exchange transaction. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Identify if you have any Exchange transactions. These transactions will have a value of 'Exchange' in the 'Type' column. If you don't have any, you can skip to the next stage of this guide.

  2. Add an extra column, 'Manual Sale Amount'

  3. By looking at your transactions on Nexo's website, find the sale amount for each of your Exchange transactions. Put this value under the 'Manual Sale Amount' column. You can leave this column blank for other transaction types.

For example, an exchange of 3500 NEXO to ETH will look like this in your CSV file:

After adding the 'Manual Sale Amount' column and value it will look like this:

Note: Recap are aware of a problem where opening a CSV file in certain spreadsheet editors (e.g. Microsoft Excel) can alter the date format without the user being aware.

Step 3 - Create a new Exchange Account on Recap

In Accounts click the "Add Exchange Account" button, then select "Nexo (beta)" from the dropdown. Click Next and give your account a name.

Step 4 - Upload your Nexo CSV File to Recap

Click the cog that appears on your new Nexo exchange account, then click "Import Nexo CSV" and you will be presented with the following screen:

Select the CSV file that you downloaded from Nexo and then click import.

Congratulations, Nexo transactions are now in Recap.


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