Adding your Celsius account by CSV file
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Celsius is discontinuing access to your transaction history by 28 February 2024. Act now to get a statement of your account history, which will be critical in your ability to claim any loss relief.

Your Celsius activity can be downloaded from the transactions page. Select Export CSV at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 - Download your Celsius CSV File

  1. Sign in to Celsius and navigate to the Transactions page.

  2. Select Export as CSV.

  3. Wait for an email from Celsius with a unique link to download your transaction history.

  4. Save the Celsius statement CSV file to your device

Step 2 - Create your Celsius Account in Recap and Upload your CSV

  1. In Accounts, click the Add Account button, then select Exchange CSV, then Celsius.

  2. Give your account a name and click Next.

  3. You'll return to Accounts, where you now have an empty Celsius account.

  4. Click the Settings Cog and then Import Celsius CSV.

  5. Click Browse to find your CSV file and then click Import.

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