Recap aims to support all exchanges with Connected Accounts. This is the automatic import of all of your transaction history and real-time connections to your accounts via read-only APIs. See here for our connected account support.

If we don't currently support your exchange via our Connected Accounts, Recap allows you to import CSV transactions into a Custom Account with support for Deposit, Withdrawal, Trade, Income, Mining, Gift (gifts to or from), Spouse (gifts to or from your spouse or civil partner), Gambling (in or out), Purchase, Stake, Unstake and StakingReward, Donation and aggregated Margin transaction types. More transaction types will be coming soon!

To ensure that there are no complications when you upload a CSV to an existing Custom Account, we remove all previous CSV imports assigned to that Custom Account. This is so you don't accidentally upload duplicates or have to manually work out which transactions you do and don't want included.

Please format your CSV to the following column names:

  • Type - Airdrop, Deposit, Withdrawal, Trade, Income, Mining, Gift (gifts to or from), Spouse (gifts to or from your spouse or civil partner), Gambling (in or out), Purchase, Stake, Unstake, StakingReward, Donation, Fork, MarginGain, MarginLoss and LendingFee [Always required]

  • Date - Date of the transaction as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss [Always required]
    (If using excel you may need to adjust the calendar setting on your PC to format YYYY-MM-DD)

  • InOrBuyAmount - In or Buy amount as a positive number or 0 [Required for Airdrop, Deposit, Trade, Income, Mining, Gift (from someone), Gambling (proceeds), Unstake, StakingReward, Fork (origin currency amount) types] and MarginGain.

  • InOrBuyCurrency - In or Buy currency, e.g. BTC [Required where InOrBuyAmount is required]

  • OutOrSellAmount - Out or Sell amount as a positive number or 0 [Required for Withdrawal, Trade, Gift (to someone), Gambling (placement), Purchase, Stake, Fork (new currency amount) types, MarginLoss and LendingFee]

  • OutOrSellCurrency - Out or sell currency, e.g. GBP [Required where OutOrSellAmount is required]

  • ValueAmount/ValueCurrency - Only used for receiving a Spouse gift, this is the amount and currency of the value of the gift. For example, if your spouse gifts you 1 BTC they bought for 5000 GBP, you would use 5000 in the ValueAmount column and GBP in the ValueCurrency column.

  • FeeAmount - Fee amount as a positive number [optional]

  • FeeCurrency - Fee currency [optional]

You can include any other columns you'd like for organisation or calculations for example, but the data in them will be ignored by the Recap application.

A simple Deposit, Trade and Withdrawal example CSV for you to try

Deposit,"100.00000000","GBP","0.00000000","GBP","0.00000000","","","","2015-02-26 21:23:29"
Trade,"4.64430000","BTC","100.00000000","GBP","0.00000000","","","","2015-02-26 21:23:30"
Withdrawal,"0.00000000","BTC","4.64430000","BTC","0.00000000","","","","2015-02-26 21:23:30"

We maintain this Google Sheet and regularly add notes as we get feedback and make improvements. You can download this as a sample CSV by clicking the button below:

Margin Positions

A special note about the Margin transactions. There are three transaction types for Margin related transactions: MarginGain, MarginLoss and LendingFee.  MarginGain or MarginLoss types are used per margin position that you hold/held (depending if it resulted in a gain or a loss) and must contain the total gain or loss of that position as well as the total amount of trade fees (under FeeAmount and FeeCurrency columns) paid during the time you held that position.  Any lending fees paid whilst you held a margin position must be aggregated together under a seperate LendingFee transaction.

Step 1 - Add a Custom Account

To upload transactions, please first add a Custom Account:

Step 2 - Name the account

Add a name for your Custom Account and click Next

Step 3 - Click Import CSV on the menu

Select the settings button on your Custom Account and click Import CSV

Step 4 - Import the CSV

Click Browse and select the CSV file that you have reformatted to the Recap format

Step 5 - Done

Your Custom Account transactions will now appear in the Activity section and a portfolio overview will show in the Accounts section - That was easy!


Click Support on the left menu to talk to us from within the app or join our telegram group

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