Recap supports integration with Bitpanda Pro through read-only APIs. Once connected, we pull in your transaction history and set up a realtime connection to your account. 

Step 1 - Click on "Add Connected Account" and select BitpandaPro from the dropdown menu, then click Next and choose a name

Step 2 - Log into Bitpanda Pro to create your API Key

  • Go to your profile (top right) and select API in the menu bar

  • Select New API key

  • In the API key name enter Recap and in the permissions section ONLY select Read

  • Bitpanda will now email you to confirm the creation of a new API key. Please confirm. 

  • You can now copy your API key to your clipboard. 

Step 3 - Back in the Recap app, fill in your API key and then click next

Voila! Your Bitpanda Pro account is now connected. 

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