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Additional Services: CSV Concierge & Data Review
Additional Services: CSV Concierge & Data Review

Information about Recap's additional paid services: CSV concierge and data reviews to help users with complex data

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To help our users with more complex data situations, Recap provides two additional paid services to our users.

Recap Data Review - £499

Get a complete data review of all your imported Recap data.

A 45 min call with a Recap expert to review all of your imported data. We'll also provide you with a tangible report of suggestions and actions to help you finalise your crypto data ready for filling.

How does it work?

  1. You book your review using this form.

  2. Share your data with the Recap Data Team via our private sharing portal.

  3. Our data expert will review all of your transaction data identifying any issues.

  4. We meet via video call for 45 mins to discuss our analysis and walk you through how to resolve any issues to make sure that your account data (and therefore tax report) is accurate.

  5. After the call, we'll follow up with a written report detailing our resolutions and suggestions with actionable steps for you to complete.

Recap Data Review Terms and Conditions

  • We require at least two full days' notice before we can conduct a data review call, our booking form will enforce these timings.

  • You must share your data with us via the in-built account-sharing feature for the duration of the review.

  • It is always your responsibility to check your data is correct before submitting your tax return.

  • We may need additional information about your data, we'll request this from you as soon as we can.

  • During our call, we can answer your questions and give you advice on how to use Recap. We cannot provide tax advice.

  • This service is not tax advice and we cannot be held responsible for the data that you submit to your tax authority. If you need tax advice, you should speak with a certified tax professional.

CSV Concierge - £299

If you've got transaction data from an old or dead exchange or spreadsheets that you've compiled yourself, sometimes getting this data in the correct format can be tricky. Recap's CSV concierge is a quick and easy way to get your data formatted so that it is compatible with our CSV importer.

For £299 per sheet, our team of in-house experts can transform your data into a compatible format in two working days, ready to import into Recap. This simplifies the process of getting your data formatted and ready to go.

How does it work?

  1. You send over a spreadsheet of transaction data.

  2. We take a look over your data and advise you if we need any more information.

  3. Within two working days, we will format this data into a Recap importable CSV and ensure the data can be imported correctly.

  4. We'll return your file(s) ready-to-go so you can add it (them) to your Recap account immediately.

What can/can't I send over?

  • There are no limits to the number of rows a file can contain.

  • At a minimum your file should contain the following data:

    • Transaction date

    • Transaction type (description, code or other identifiable type is fine)

    • Amount and type of asset (this could be a code, description or name)

    • Any currency information for the above.

  • When we return your CSV we will flag any information that you need to complete or confirm an approach on (we cannot make decisions relating to tax on your behalf).

  • We can accept most exchange CSV formats as well as custom formats that meet the above description.

  • Acceptable file types: csv, xls, xlsx, json, ods.

CSV Concierge Terms and Conditions

  • The two working day return deadline starts when we receive all of your data and you've answered all of our initial questions.

  • We always endeavor to send completed files back within two working days, if we can't meet this deadline then we will inform you as soon as possible.

  • We may need to get additional information from you, we will request this via email as soon as possible.

  • If we are unable to reformat your data we will let you know why and issue a full refund.

  • Our team will need to view and edit your data; by purchasing our concierge service you agree to us having visibility of and reformatting your data.

  • We will take great care to reformat your data correctly, but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. It is your responsibility to perform a final check of the data before importing it into Recap and using it for accounting or tax purposes.

  • This service is not tax advice and we cannot be held responsible for the data that you submit to your tax authority.

  • If you need tax advice, you should speak with a tax professional.

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