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Ethereum and DeFi Roadmap & Known Issues
Ethereum and DeFi Roadmap & Known Issues
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This is the list of known limitations with our current Ethereum wallet support. We'll be addressing these in upcoming releases as fast as we can, but please feel free to let us know if you've found something that doesn't look right or if you'd like us to prioritise anything else.

  • Right now Recap only supports on-chain activity for Ethereum. We don't support side-chains like Polygon or Solana. We plan to add support for more chains soon.

  • Token versioning and migrations are not yet supported (each token version will appear and be treated separately for tax calculations).

  • Contracts that do not implement standards-compliant event logs may be missing data.

  • Some inflationary or exotic asset contracts (reflections, rewards, fee sharing etc.) that change balances internally may have incorrect balances.

  • Some assets will not be identified (this can be caused by a number of reasons including self-destructed contracts and contracts that are not standards compliant). We'll always flag these in the Activity screen under 'Unidentified Assets'.

  • Transactions between wallets are merged into Transfer transactions, but transactions between wallets and exchanges are still separate Deposit and Withdrawal transactions.

  • Spam contracts cannot currently be hidden or ignored.

  • Multi-asset deposits and withdrawals (where multiple assets are deposited or withdrawn in a single transaction) cannot currently be reclassified.

  • DEX liquidity pooling is only supported on Uniswap contracts.

  • DEX liquidity pooling is considered taxable.

  • Only Recap balances are currently available. ‘Exchange balances’ will be reworked to include ‘Wallet balances’.

  • Only a subset of 'safe' NFT images will be displayed in-app until we have an approach for filtering out objectionable images.

  • Assets which have a 'Method' of 'Chain' are not available to add manually in the add transactions dialogue (see below)

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