Inviting an Agent (such as an Accountant, Tax Advisor or Wealth Manager) is simple.

  1. Sign in to Recap and ensure that you have backed up your recovery phrase and verified your email.

  2. Choose 'Settings' and scroll down to 'Agent Sharing'.

  3. Optionally, edit your account name so that your agent recognises you.

  4. a. Enter your Agent's email address and click Send Invitation to invite by email.

How to share your Recap account with an agent

4. b. OR invite them by Code or Link. Copy the Invite Code or Link and send it to your agent via a communication method of your choice.

Send an agent a copy or link of your invite code.

Send an agent a copy or link of your invite code in Telegram.

⚠️ Only share invite codes or links with people that you trust.

Is it safe?

Yes, very safe and we can never see your data. You can read more about our approach to security here.

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