Connecting your FTX International account

A step-by-step guide for adding your FTX International account to Recap

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This guide is for customers of FTX International (via For FTX US (via, please see our FTX US article.

Step 1 - Create your API keys from your FTX account

In FTX, create a read-only API key that has access to your main account and all of your sub-accounts. Recap only needs to read the transaction data, so create your key using the read-only option.

The API key and secret will only be shown once and cannot be retrieved after creation, so ensure you take a copy of the secret key and the API key before closing the window.

The API key must allow access to all sub-accounts in order for the Recap application to correctly calculate your balances and tax positions.

Step 2 - Create a new exchange account on Recap

  1. In Accounts, click the 'Add Account' button, then select 'Exchange API' then 'FTX International'.

  2. Give your account a name.

  3. If you have used sub-accounts, pay attention to the warning statements here regarding API key access and ensure that you follow the steps described.

  4. Enter the API Key and API Secret that you made a copy of earlier.

  5. Your account data will be fetched. Please allow some time for us to retrieve the data - if you have a very large account history, this could take up to 5 minutes.

Once connected, Recap will categorise your transaction history and calculate your tax position accordingly across spot, futures, spot margin (including lending and borrowing), staking, un-staking and airdrops.

Why doesn't my balance match?

There are a couple of reasons why your FTX balance may not match in Recap:

  • Tokenised stocks are not currently identified by Recap, which will impact the balances of any held tokens of this kind, for spot holdings.

  • Referrals are not retrievable via the API, so any USD referral rebates accrued will need to be manually added - you can download CSV files of referral income at

  • Unrealised/open futures positions are shown in FTX as a dynamic/variable USD balance, in Recap, they will only be accounted for once any gain/loss is "realised".


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