This guide is for customers of FTX International (via For FTX US (via, please see our FTX US article.

Recap has an API integration with FTX International for cryptocurrency trading activity. Once this is set up, the Recap application will categorise your transaction history and calculate your tax position(s) accordingly across spot, futures, spot margin (including lending and borrowing), staking, un-staking and airdrops.

Step 1 - Create your API keys from your FTX account

In FTX, create a read-only API key that has access to your main account and all of your sub-accounts. Recap only needs to read the transaction data, so create your key using the read-only option.

The API key and secret will only be shown once and cannot be retrieved after creation, so ensure you take a copy of the secret key and the API key before closing the window.

The API key must allow access to all sub-accounts in order for the Recap application to correctly calculate your balances and tax positions.

Step 2 - Create a new exchange account on Recap

In the Accounts view, click the 'Add exchange account' button, then select FTX International from the dropdown list.

Next, give your account a name.

⚠️ Sub Accounts

If you have used sub-accounts, pay attention to the warning statements here, regarding API key access and ensure that you follow the steps described.

Next, enter the API Key and API Secret that you made a copy of earlier.

Please allow some time for us to retrieve the data from FTX via their APIs - if you have a very large account history, this could take up to 5 minutes.

Why doesn't my balance match?

There are a couple of reasons why your FTX balance may not match in Recap:

  • Tokenised stocks are not currently identified by Recap, which will impact the balances of any held tokens of this kind, for spot holdings.

  • Referrals are not retrievable via the API, so any USD referral rebates accrued will need to be manually added - you can download CSV files of referral income at

  • Unrealised/open futures positions are shown in FTX as a dynamic/variable USD balance, in Recap, they will only be accounted for once any gain/loss is "realised".


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