Does Recap have a mobile app?

When will I be able to use Recap on the go?

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We have plans for a mobile app but it is not currently a top priority.

Why not? Everything can be done on a phone nowadays!

Currently, we are focused on providing an accurate and secure crypto tax service and data confirms that a desktop device is the most commonly used for this task. Many of the processes that users go through, for example, connecting an account; uploading a CSV; reading a tax report would not be achievable or desirable on a mobile device or tablet.

We have been researching and considering our approach to mobile but right now we don't want to jump on board the mobile app bandwagon and compromise the user experience.

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So, in the future then?

Yes. We want Recap to become the app of choice for managing your whole crypto portfolio - from tracking all of your accounts, wallets and transactions through to filing your tax return. A mobile app will allow users to switch between devices to undertake these tasks on the move or from home and our approach to security means that this will be possible without compromising privacy.

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