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Why have I got an unidentified asset?
Why have I got an unidentified asset?

Issues with unrecognised tokens and how to correctly identify a coin

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There is no industry standard approach for cryptocurrency asset codes (tickers). This means that exchanges and pricing providers manage currency codes differently. When you import your data Recap automatically tracks your transactions using the currency codes provided to identify the assets. When we are unable to find an asset you'll see an Unidentified Asset Warning.

There are a couple of reasons why your assets may not be recognised correctly:

  • The same coin exists with multiple asset codes on different exchanges (a good example of this is Bitcoin, which is commonly known by the code BTC, however on Kraken, it is listed as XBT)

  • One asset code may represent multiple coins (e.g. USDP is used by stablecoin Paxos & Unit Protocol token).

  • It is a coin that Recap does not yet support

Recap's Asset Library

Recap uses its own database of cryptoassets to ensure assets can be uniquely identified and matched to accurate pricing through our fair market valuation service.

Recap uses a range of pricing providers to get the most accurate pricing information for assets.

How do I know if I have Unidentified Assets?

A warning triangle flags unidentified assets on the Account and Activity pages. You'll also notice an amber notification in the menu bar.

How to resolve an Unidentified Asset

  1. Head to the Asset Identification tab for the Account to find the Unidentified asset.

  2. Click the Edit button and use the dropdown menu to search and select your asset. (Start typing in the search bar to find the asset more quickly).

  3. Click Save. Your asset is now identified. You'll notice it is now referenced as "User" in the final column.


What if my asset is not listed?

If you can't find your asset in the dropdown, we are not currently tracking the asset or haven't mapped it to your exchange yet. Please send us a request at this form.

Need more help?

Send us a message in support, and we'll get back to you.

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