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What personal financial data does Recap have access to?
What personal financial data does Recap have access to?
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We operate end-to-end encryption on your personal financial data so any information you enter into Recap is invisible to us. However, we do collect some metadata for billing and customer support purposes. Here's a comprehensive rundown of all of the personal financial metadata we have access to.

Personal Financial Metadata

  • For billing, the number of accounts and transactions you have added.

  • When errors occur we know which type of Connected Account you used - e.g. we know when the Coinbase integration errors and we know which fields caused the issue and why, but we don't know any of the details of the transactions (types, amounts, currencies etc.).

  • When valuing transactions, Recap requests the exchange rate information for the day, e.g. "What was that BTC/GBP exchange rate on 1st May 2018". We therefore know which days you have used certain currencies but we don't know anything about the transactions themselves. These requests are not logged.

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