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Purchasing a Recap subscription
Purchasing a Recap subscription
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The Recap free plan allows you to track your crypto activity and get a preview of your capital gains but you'll need a Recap subscription to access and download your full tax report. Click here to find out about pricing.

How to subscribe:

  1. Head to Settings and scroll down to Account.

  2. Select a pricing plan - Basic or Pro. You'll be able to see which is necessary by the number of transactions you have in your Recap account.
    ๐Ÿ’ก Use the toggle button to save 20% by paying for two years upfront (this is not available with any other offer or discount code).

  3. Click "Change Plan".

  4. Check the plan and amount payable and complete the billing form.

  5. Complete! When you return to Recap you'll see that your plan has been updated and you can now access your full tax report.

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