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Migrating to Recap's new pricing plans
Migrating to Recap's new pricing plans

Everything you need to know about our new pricing plans, how to switch and how this will affect your subscription.

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We are really excited to announce our new pricing! We've made things cheaper and simpler, so you can expect more value and less confusion when deciding which plan you need. This guide explains how to switch plans and how switching affects your subscription.

How to switch to a new price plan

In your settings, you'll see which legacy plan you're currently on and how many transactions you have in your Recap account. Below that, you'll see the two new plans available. Simply click the plan you need and hit the "Change Plan" button.

๐Ÿ’ก Save 20% by paying for 2 years upfront!

We've also introduced a discount for users who buy a 2-year subscription upfront. Simply use the toggle button to apply the discount. (This is not available with any other offer or discount code).

Changes to your subscription

When you switch plan, you are effectively entering into a new subscription. The start date and renewal date for your subscription will be updated accordingly.

Billing and Credits

Recap's billing works on a pro-rata basis. When entering a new plan, you will be refunded for the remaining days of your previous subscription, which will be deducted from the cost of your new plan. If your new plan costs less than the refunded amount, the difference will be credited to your Recap account.

Why should I migrate?

We recommend you migrate ASAP to take advantage of our new, cheaper pricing and make the most of the credits available for the remainder of your existing subscription.

What can I do with the credits?

Credits can be used for future renewals or upgrades. If they're going to burn a hole in your pocket why not upgrade to our 2-year subscription? Some users may even find they still have some credits remaining!

Our old pricing plans:

Here's a copy of our old pricing plans for reference, these plans are not available to new users.

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