I want to delete my Recap account

How to delete your account and why you don't need to

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Do you realise you don't really need to delete your account?

The Recap app is built with privacy and security as a priority. All data is encrypted client-side; meaning that no one but you can ever access your data. Your data goes from the source directly to your device; we have no record of it on our servers, ever. So, if you're asking us to delete your account because you are concerned about your financial data, realistically the only data we will actually be deleting is your email address.

Why are we telling you this?

Because we care and we don't want you to leave. But also if you ever choose to come back, deleting your account permanently deletes all of your data and you will have to start completely from scratch.

Still want to delete your account?

No problem. Send us a message via support or email to hello@recap.io and we'll get it sorted for you.

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