Recap does not currently provide automated wallet support. Instead, wallets can be added as a Custom Account with CSV data import.

  1. In "Accounts" select the "Add Custom Account" button.

  2. Give the account a name and click "Next" - you'll see a custom account has been created and is ready to fill.

  3. To add data, click the cog in the bottom right of your custom account and choose "Import CSV"

  4. Click "Browse" to locate your CSV file and hit "Import".

  5. You'll see your data has been added. You can click the account for a more detailed view.

Automated wallet support - coming soon

We have always prioritised exchange integrations over automated wallet support as this is where taxable events are more likely to occur. However, we have been working on automated support for Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets and expect these to be deployed soon.

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