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How to fix a missing acquisition error?
How to fix a missing acquisition error?

What to do if I have missing acquisitions in Recap

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A missing acquisition means that you have made a disposal but Recap cannot find when you originally acquired the asset to calculate the gain or loss. Essentially you have data missing.

How do I know I have a missing acquisition?

Recap flags any disposals that have missing acquisitions. To see them, filter by Missing Acquisition in the Activity screen and then click the tax tab to see how this affects the capital gain calculation. As you can see in the example below, Recap defaults any missing acquisition to zero so your capital gain will always be the highest possible, ensuring you don't underpay on tax.

How do I locate the missing acquisition?

In the tax pages of the app open up the disposals report for the year in question, the missing acquisition will be highlighted and you'll see a zero-cost valuation. Use the information here to locate the missing transaction in your accounts.

How to add the missing acquisition?

Hopefully it's a simple resolution - maybe you forgot to add an old account and just need to connect to your exchange. Other ways to fix:

  • Add a single transaction

    Go to "Activity" and use the "Add a Transaction" button to insert the missing acquisition manually.

  • Add via CSV

    To add multiple missing transactions we recommend creating a custom account and importing missing data via CSV.


Make sure you import all of your historical transactions into the app. Have you connected all of your accounts? Do you have data on old exchanges that you no longer use? It's always advisable to keep your own records as exchanges are under no obligation to hold your data long term.

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