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How to import Recap capital gains/losses into TurboTax for filling your taxes

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Recap includes a TurboTax export for tax fillers in the US. Our export includes summarised gains/losses rather than transaction-level crypto data. We believe this is the easiest way to import your crypto activity into TurboTax.

Step 1 - Export your TurboTax CSV from Recap

  1. Ensure that you have IRS selected as your tax authority in the settings area

  2. Navigate to Tax

  3. Choose your tax year

  4. Press "Download" next to the "TurboTax Online CSV' export option

Step 2 - Import your data into TurboTax

Navigate to:

  1. Wages and Income

    1. Investments and Savings

    2. Stocks

    3. Cryptocurrency, Mutual Funds

    4. Add Investments

  2. Choose "Enter a different way"

    1. Cryptocurrency

    2. Upload it from my computer

  3. Choose "Other (Gain/Loss)" & enter a name e.g. "Recap"

  4. Choose the CSV from your computer

Your data should now be imported and available inside TurboTax.

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