Unfortunately, if you forget your recovery phrase there is nothing we can do. You will have to reset it and in doing so will lose your data and have to start from scratch.

You're joking, right?

No, afraid not. The recovery phrase is integral to our security. We purposely put you in control so there is no chance that anyone else can ever access your data. We do not make a backup.

We understand that this is not common practice for crypto trackers/ tax calculators and that it may be frustrating for some users. However, unlike others, our app is privacy focused and we feel that crypto investors appreciate this level of security.

Why am I even being asked for my recovery phrase?

It normally happens when you are trying to log in from a different device that we don't recognise or it could be that you have reset your cookies recently. If you are still able to log in on your primary device you can view your recovery phrase in Settings.

Your recovery phrase can be found within the settings tab.

So if I lose my recovery phrase there's definitely nothing I can do?

Other than reset, unfortunately not. 😬 Sorry...

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