A zero cost error can occur for a couple of reasons:

  1. A simple rounding issue where a value has become "0" - often caused by a decimal point issue when data was exported from an exchange. This can be rectified quickly with a check and re-upload of your CSV files.

  2. More commonly, an acquisition is missing from the data you have imported into Recap. When our tax calculator recognises a disposal but cannot find a record of the cryptocurrency purchase it uses a cost value of "0" and flags the error.

How do I locate the missing acquisition?

In the tax pages of the app open up the disposals report for the year in question, the missing data will be highlighted and you'll see a zero cost valuation. Use the information here to locate the missing transaction in your accounts. You can use the

How to add the missing acquisition?

  • Go to "Activity" and use the "Add a Transaction" button to insert the data manually

  • To add multiple missing transactions we recommend creating a custom account and importing missing data via CSV

Considerations for the future

Make sure you import all of your transactions into the app. Have you connected all of your accounts? Do you have data on old exchanges that you no longer use that might impact future disposals? It's also best to keep your own records as exchanges are under no obligation to hold your data long term.

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