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Most transactions involving cryptoassets are subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Individuals must calculate the gain or loss they have made whenever they “dispose” of cryptoassets. HMRC guidance confirms that disposals (taxable events) include:

  • Selling cryptoassets for fiat money (e.g. GBP, USD, EUR)

  • Exchanging cryptoassets for a different cryptoasset (e.g. exchanging Bitcoin to Ripple)

  • Using cryptoassets to pay for goods or services (e.g. paying fees on trades, paying fees on withdrawals and deposits of cryptoassets, buying a Starbucks Coffee or paying for accountancy services)

  • Giving away cryptoassets to another person (there are specific inter-spouse transfer rules for gifting cryptoassets to a spouse or civil partner)

Moving tokens between wallets owned by the same person does not result in a disposal. Recap allows users to calculate the taxable gain or loss as a result of all taxable events involving cryptocurrencies within a tax year, giving users clarity on their tax position in minutes.

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